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Egyptian Railways


2020- 2022

The existing Raml Tram is a double-track railway system running from Raml station to Victoria station (Nasr station). It is currently operated as two separate lines with common tracks along much of the line. Line 1 is 10.6 km long with 31 stops and Line 2 is 10.1 km long with 29 stops. The total length of the infrastructure is 14.4 km, including the two loops (Sidi Gaber and San Stefano). The rehabilitation will be implemented on most of the current Raml Tram route and the line will be extended west to Mansheya. Staying on the existing route allows the use of land already dedicated to public transport and avoids the impact on traffic. The new route is 13.8 km long and includes 27 stations. The stop policy has been revised to reduce the number of stations without affecting the catchment area. This increases the overall performance of the line.


ASF Consulting has been assigned to conduct a Environmental and social Due Diligence for EIB. The mission consists in:

  • Review of the project inception report
  • Review of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment ESIA
  • Review of the Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Livelihood Restoration Plan Review PRMS
  • Follow-up of land studies and compensation procedures for the PAPs
  • Technical Assistance to Improve the Complaint Management Mechanism
  • Elaboration of the report of the Due Diligence mission.


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