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2020- ongoing

The rapid rail network is located in the Great Tunis and composed of 5 lines totaling 86 km:

  • Line A: Tunis-Borj cedria: 23 Km. (in operation)
  • Line C: Tunis PV-Fouchana-Mhamdia: 19.5 Km.
  • Line D: Tunis PV-Manouba. Gobâa-Mnihla: 19.2 Km.
  • Line E: Tunis-Ezzouhour. Zahrouni-Essijoumi : 13.9 Km.
  • Line C'+F : Tunis PV-Bourjel-Ariana Nord : 10.5 Km.

As well as 3 main stations in the city center: Barcelona, Tunis-Marine and Tunis-PV, and 16 feeder stations in the periphery and the realization near these stations of parking. Due to its size and based on the studies conducted, the rapid rail network will be implemented in stages. The priority network, about 29 km long, will be built in two stages:
1st operational phase (in progress):

  • Section of line D: Tunis city (Barcelona) - Gobâa: 12.2 km out of a total of 19.2 km.
  • Section of the line E: Tunis city (Barcelona) - Bougatfa: 6.3 km out of a total of 13.9 km.

This project is co-financed by the AFD, EIB, KFW, EU and the Tunisian State.


In partnership with PPM, ASF Consulting has been assigned to conduct a Environmental and social Due Diligence for EIB. The mission consists in:

  • Review of the Resettlement Monitoring and Management Plan, Coordination Plan and Communication Plan
  • Review of Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • Technical Assistance to Improve the Complaint Management Mechanism
  • Preparation of the Bardo Section Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Preparation of the Environmental and Social Action Plan
  • Elaboration of the report of the Due Diligence mission.


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