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2021- ongoing

The ECOWAS-Regional Electricity Access Project (REAP), a part of a Series of Projects (SOP) being implemented within the ECOWAS region, with a long-term view to achieving electricity distribution expansion within the Region. Funded by the IDA/World Bank, the SOP aims to increase the number of people in West Africa with access to reliable and affordable electricity, as articulated in the ECOWAS White Paper of 2006 for Increasing Access to Energy Services to People of the Sub-region. The SOP consists of two Phases, which plan to provide 2.5 million people across six countries in West Africa, namely Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Mali, Senegal, Mauritanie and The Gambia with electricity. Phase I of the SOP is to provide access to 1.1 million people in Guinea-Bissau, Mali, and The Gambia. Component 1 of the PRAE-ECOWAS in Mali is specifically dedicated to the detailed design, supply and installation of supply and installation of distribution networks from substations of the Organisation for the Development of the Senegal River (OMVS) of 225 / 33 KV, through the implementation of the following projects, among others:

  1. Construction of approximately 2,000 km of 33 kV Medium Voltage (MV) lines in Kayes, Manantali, Kita, and Kodialani Kayes, Manantali, Kita, and Kodialani
  2. Construction of approximately 400 33 kV/400 V distribution substations in Kayes, Manantali, Kita and Kodialani.
  3. Construction of about 1,800 km of 400 V low voltage (LV) lines.
  4. Supply and installation of last-mile connection equipment to serve about 100,000
  5. Supply and installation of last mile connection equipment to serve approximately 100,000 households, all selected according to terms and criteria acceptable to the World Bank


ASF Consulting has mobilized Mrs. Awatef Siala Fourati to held the position of Senior Environmental Expert within the Regional Coordination Unit of ECOWAS. The main activities conducted by Mrs. Awatef are:

  • Review of the safeguards documents :
    • ESIA and RAP of the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Access Project (REAP) transmission and distribution network from the Kayes substation.
    • ESIA and RAP of the transmission and distribution network of the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Access Project (REAP) from the Kita substation.
    • ESIA and RAP of the transmission and distribution network of the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Access Project (REAP) from the Koldialanisubstation.
  • Validation of the E&S safeguard documents prepared by the Contractor for the Construction phase (ESMP-C and HSEP-C)
  • Assist the Contractor in the preparation of the safeguard documents for the study phase.

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